Let Love Lead

Just lean in and allow love to lead! I know that there are things in our lives that seem impossible to tolerate or deal with and maybe paralyze us with fear. But, if we don’t have the answers, know what to do, or feel completely helpless, just lean toward the most powerful energy that exists and trust in its ability to create what’s needed. Love creates, multiplies, empathizes, consoles, inspires, heals, raises, nurtures, sacrifices, and serves just to name a few. So, today and every day, if you can do nothing else, root yourself and lean in to love.


Happy Mother’s Day

For the mothers that loved their children to greatness:: For the mothers that didn’t know love and learned to give it to their children:: For the mothers who weren’t the greatest but who tried with everything they had:: For the mothers who made hella mistakes because they learned it all on their own and on the fly but who never gave up because they understood the importance of getting this motherhood thing down:: For the mothers who paid the ultimate price losing their life in order to bring forth life:: For the mothers whose bodies could not carry life yet were able to have children due to the compassion of another human being:: For the mothers who have lost their children may we all become your children and lift you up always:: For the mothers who were/are never home because they’re the sole providers may we understand your plight and show you compassion and support:: For the mothers who do not have a village/support system who feel destitute and alone, may we recognize you and surround you with love:: 
May we all…..

Embrace our struggles, 

Remember our stories, 

Never forget the feeling of rising, 

Reflect on the first time we felt life move within our wombs,

Always say I love you,

Never forget the good in our children or ourselves.
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Love More

Melanated Lotus Yoga

Peace Beloveds,

Day 28: Love More

It has been an amazing 28 days!! Thank you to everyone who joined me on this challenge and/or subscribed to my blog! I’ve enjoyed every moment with you. When thinking about the perfect note to end this challenge on, I came back to love. This is because there isn’t anything more powerful than love. It’s what we instinctively come back to (at some point) despite social conditioning. So move forward boldly loving yourself unconditionally as you are. Be the light and illuminate the path so others may find guidance where needed. We all have risen despite the trials and tribulations that we have encountered. Remember to look at how far you have come even with the challenges you’ve faced. None of us came this far to only come this far. We came this far determined to go further, and we can. Be the reason someone feels compelled to go out a make a positive impact in this world. The alchemist, the change makers, the misfits, the artists, the healers, the non-conformists, the teachers, and the guides, your energy is what pushes generations forward.  Keep pushing, keep fighting for the most vulnerable and marginalized among us, keep fighting to love more, keep fighting for truth, keep fighting for justice, keep fighting for equality, keep fighting for human rights, and more.  I hold this space for you with love and honesty.

May we all dedicate our time to simply loving ourselves more. So shall it be!

Love & Light

Sacred Self Care

Melanated Lotus Yoga

Peace Beloveds,

Day 27: Sacred Self Care

Self-care is one of the most powerful and vital things that you can do for yourself. It’s a way of honoring yourself, your importance, and your purpose. Adding mindfulness to your self-care practice can help cultivate a sense of sacredness for it. Today after you get home from work, take a nice long bath. To prepare for it, pick up some items that will make this bath feel special for you. See below for a couple of suggestions:

  • Flower Petals (use your favorite herbal tea bags if you cannot pick up flowers)
  • Essential Oils
  • Crystals
  • Meditation Music/ Jazz/ Instrumentals ( pick songs without words to allow you to connect with your thoughts during this time.)
  • Candles
  • Scented Bath Salts
  • Incense
  • Scented Body Oils

Allow your mind and body to fully relax in your space. You can even do a quick 5 to 10-minute meditation to help assist with this. Take the time to also connect with your body by giving thanks for the support that it has given you. Offer thanks for each body part and how it has supported you. As an example below is one sample of what I do.

  • I put my hands in Anjali mudra (prayer position) and place my thumbs against my third eye. I then say, thank you for giving me sight beyond sight. Allowing me to see past what my eyes cannot perceive. Allowing me to be expansive. Allowing me to connect with aspects of my higher self.

Listen to your heart, speak from that space, and the words will naturally come. Most importantly enjoy yourself.

May we care for ourselves in the way that we’ve always yearned to be cared for by others. So shall it be!

Love & Light

New Moon Energy

Melanated Lotus Yoga

Peace Beloveds,

Day 26: New Moon Energy

Today, we have a new moon Pisces! New moons are the perfect time to set your intentions for this lunar cycle. This allows us the opportunity to tap into that vibrant lunar energy and use it to aid in manifesting our goals, dreams, and purpose. It’s also a great time smudge (Sage or Palo Santo) your home and/or include another self-care ritual such as yoga or meditation. Practices such as these allow you to tune in and tap into the energies of the planets which affect us whether we realize it or not. Beloveds, we are truly creators of our lives and the more we’re connected, the more we are able to manifest.

Now, I’m not going to leave you without some direction if you need it. Click the link to go to my Freebie section and print the New Lunar Cycle Intention Worksheet. Happy manifesting my loves!!

May we all tap into our divine connection with the universe. So shall it be!

Love & Light



Ambiance Darling

Melanated Lotus Yoga

Peace Beloveds,

Day 25: Ambiance Darling (In my Eartha Kitt voice)

Creating spaces within your home that nurture positive and peaceful energy supports and attracts that very same energy. It speaks to the mindset of purposeful action. You’re deliberately choosing to have or create the space needed to support your spirit. This is a very important thing to do because your home is your sanctuary, it’s the space that you can make sacred. Think about the things that cultivate those types of energies and begin the process of bringing them into your home. You do not have to start big but starting is good. Below are some simple suggestions that are inexpensive that you can pick up easily.

  • Candles
  • Crystals (visit my Sacred Feminine page)
  • Peaceful Messages (on pillows, canvas, etc.)
  • Hang a mandala or spiritual symbol
  • Essential Oils
  • Salt Lamps
  • Singing Bowls

Again, there’s a myriad of things that you could choose to bring into your personal space. Just make sure that whatever you choose speaks to your peace.

May we all have peace of mind, peace within our hearts, and peace within our spirit throughout all of our sacred spaces. So shall it be! 

Love & Light

Pranayama Momma

Melanated Lotus Yoga

Peace Beloveds,

Day 24: Pranayama Momma

Breathing exercises help to strengthen your life force energy while giving you greater control of it as well. Having an active meditation and pranayama practice has truly helped me to stay rooted, reduced stress levels, and enabled me to have greater clarity and focus. I start my pranayama practice prior to my meditation practice which has really helped my meditation practice overall. I also recommend that you take the extra time to do a 5 to 10-minute meditation after this breathing exercise.

To begin:

  • Find a quiet space.
  • Come into a comfortable seated position.
  • Optional: set a timer for 5, 10, or 15 minutes.
  • Close your eyes or take a soft gaze.
  • Breathe in deeply for 4 seconds.
  • Hold your breath for 2 seconds.
  • Exhale fully for 4 seconds.

After the selected time frame, take a deep cleansing breath and try to keep that deep breathing going throughout your day.

May we all recognize and connect with the power of the breath. So shall it be!

Love & Light

Thinking Of Yourself

Melanated Lotus Yoga

Peace Beloveds,

Day 23: Thinking of Yourself

Remaining in the present moment or mindful living can be a challenge for some. Having gentle reminders that give you a little nudge may be just what you need. This can be any item that triggers the thought in your mind to bring it all in. I have mala’s that I wear outside of my home that are solely for that purpose along with mugs that have mindful sayings. There is truly a myriad of things to choose from that could be the thing that works for you. Take a moment to mull it over and determine what that gentle reminder looks like for you. Then give yourself that item as a gift. After all, you deserve it.

May we give ourselves what we need to elevate our minds, bodies, emotions, and spirit. So shall it be!

Love & Light

The Attitude Of Gratitude

Melanated Lotus Flower

Peace Beloveds,

Day 22: The Attitude Of Gratitude

Gratitude cultivates greater abundance in our lives by enabling us to hone in and focus on what we have. This type of mindfulness practice reminds us to respect not only what we have but how to treat it. Having gratitude also teaches us the art of detachment by helping us to focus on the things that we have when we have them. Too often we focus only on we want to have which feeds the energy of poverty, deprivation, and distress. These are the types of energies that you do not want to have in abundance so, we must utilize practices that stop feeding the proverbial beast. Take 5 minutes tonight before bed to write and reflect on the things that you are/were grateful for today.

May we all be filled with gratitude and see the beauty that is present in our lives. So shall it be!

Love & Light

Living With Intent

Melanated Lotus Yoga

Peace Beloveds,

Day 21: Living With Intent

Mindful living is by far not for a lazy person. It requires attention and commitment among other things. Mindfulness practices are very deliberate and purposeful. Today’s practice is no different. Creating an intention for your day gives you a great deal of direction. It’s like a map illustrating where you’re going and guiding how you will disperse your energy in the process of getting there. It’s another alchemical tool that says, this is where I’m going, how I want to arrive, and what I will accomplish while I’m here. Your intentions can range from a task-based perspective to a spiritually based perspective. It is as always, about what your needs and/or visions are for that day. The activity presented today really helps you to hone in on your day-to-day flow. If you remember, Day 19 said “I Am” but today says “I Will Do or I Will Accomplish.” Simply grab a piece of paper and write your intention for today. You can have one intention or more, it’s totally up to you. Take it with you and refer to it throughout the day if needed to root yourself in what you’re looking to accomplish.

May we all show up, show out, and get the job done. So shall it be!

Love & Light